Welcome to Sailcharger!

Create your own electricity while sailing

Sailcharger is a small, handy water turbine with an integrated submersible alternator that charges the batteries while sailing.

See it in action here

The aim is for it to be modern, smart, easy to use and efficient:

Many sailors have dreamed about and experimented with the extraction of energy from the sail boat's movement through the water - it's not that hard, but to make the jump to "high-tech" requires entusiasm, efficient turbine blades, a really good alternator and smart rpm regulation for optimium turbine speed.

In addition, it has to be weather proof and of high marine quality.

Sail Charger has taken up the challenge !

It's a special feeling to create your own electricity when the sun is low so that the solar cells gives little, in total darkness or rain, when there is a fresh breeze.

The picture below shows Sailcharger attached to the patent-pending flexible cable that prevents alternator housing from rotating while being adapted to the water stream. In this way it requires a very small mounting surface and fits nearly all sailboats.

Small footprint mount: The alternator and turbine on flexible towing cable.

When not used the alternator can be pulled in, lifted from the water ready to be used, or disconnected and stored with little space required.