Sailcharger Data

Here the data sheet for the Sailcharger with integrated alternator at various boat speeds will be published.

An MPPT charge controller is under test during may 2013 that will evaluate to graphs for various installations tested.


 2012-07-05: The first move clip

Now Sailcharger has made the first swim! It behaved very steadily in the water. At 4 knots the open circuit voltage was already 30 volts.

The magnets will also be 20% longer, which increases the voltage and possiible torque even further.


Next step is a few weeks of sailing with charge testing


2012-07-28: Low speed test with a Nordic Folkboat

Very peaceful behavior at low speed 4-5 knots! A buzzing sound if you listen carefully. The monitoring equipment with GPS speed, position, etc. worked well,

With the propeller (runner) dismantled the  turbine housing drag was low.

But the switched charge controller with voltage controlled and current limited output was a bad idea. Seen from the alternator the braking torque increases with decreasing speed and will continue to fall until the generator is rotating at the speed corresponding to the battery voltage.

In order to release it from the low RPM to a better working point the current limit had to be set below current torque available - it then immediately speeded up to a high rpm where it was easily capable of delivering exactly the same power as the low working point. Hardly dare telling..

Will now change the electronics to regulate the input voltage of the controller instead. The RPM then becomes naturally stable with the alternator load being a constant voltage adjustable for maximum output power. 


2013-02-25: Serial production picking up

Not much has been announced on the page after the initial test runs. In the quiet , however, production preparations has started. Today the first injection moulded turbine blades where produced.

Serial manufactured turbine blades in long rows is a great relief. A milestone that called for a cake.


Please stay tuned! Send us a mail if you like to be notified on important events!


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